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Website Design

Web design is our main forte. We use the latest technology and software so our webites can be viewed on any size screen. We strive to make them crisp and clean, to be fast loading and be able to navigate around the pages with ease.

Search Engine Optimization

We include SEO into every website we build to get the highest search engine ranking we can.
We also include submitting the website manualy to search engines and free local business directoies.

Domain Name Registration

We can register a Domain Name for you and on your behalf. If we are building your website we will do it for free. You just pay the yearly registration fee. If you would like us, just to register a Domain Name for you, there is a fee of $50.00 + the registration fee. This includes all relevent documents.

Hosting Account Setup

In most cases we set up a Hosting Account when we are building a website for a client. All paramiters are adjusted to suit the client and the website. E-mails, Spam Filtering, redirects etc. This is all part of the website construction. You just pay for the ongoing account fee to the Hosting Company.

Logo Design

If you need a logo for your website, we can design one for you.
Your logo can be used on your website, e-mails, business stationary and social media.
Available formats are jpg, png, gif and eps.

Document Reporting

Keeping Records is very important with any of the above. We provide you with all the documents you will need. Domain Name and Hosting company details, like User Names and Passwords, Login Details, Phone Numbers etc. Everything you need.