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Some of our clients websites.

Each website has been chosen to demonstrate unique design aspects and different features that have been used to attract their target audience.

Proform Civil
  • Website designed for Proform Civil Click on the photo to enlarge

Profom Civil is a civil engineering design and drafting firm, based in Mundaring - Perth.

Dale needed a website to promote his business to a particular client base. Government departments, shire councils, commercial and industry sectors, and even mining companies.

The style and layout of the website was designed to appeal to professional people that would be searching for a civil design company. Dale and I worked very closely on all aspects of the design, and the content, of the site to accomplish this.

The site started out as a 6 to 7 page website but after we suggested to include some of the CAD Drawings it soon grew to a 21 page site, especially when Dale realised, extra pages weren't going to cost that much more.

Three Splash Boxes are used on the Home Page, to quickly convey what Proform Civil can do and below that, is an Auto Scroller with their previous clients logo's. An important inclusion that instils confidence in the viewer.

Pages include About Us, Our Services a Portfolio page which links to 12 dedicated Project pages, an Employment page and a Contact Us page. Other pages include a Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

One of the most important design features is being a RESPONSIVE LAYOUT website. Meaning it can be viewed on any size screen, from mobile phones to palm tops and office PC's. "Google" now recognizes Responsive Websites, which helps to rank them higher in search results.

See their live website here
FEATURES: 21 Pages, Responsive Design, Dropdown Menu, Dynamic Photo Gallery, Tab Widgets, Header Slider, 2x Contact Forms, PDF Downloads, Google Map, Artwork.
Randall's Roasts Catering
  • Website designed for Randalls Roasts

Randall's Roasts is a family business offering mobile roast catering to the Perth metropolitan area.

Randall decided his website needed to be a little different than the other catering websites. They had their logo too, so the site needed to stay in line and match the same style and colours.

The design we came up with was to give a feeling of home cooking and to portray that Randall's Roasts prices are affordable. This was accomplished with a blue sky, timber background, pots and pans and a checkered table cloth.

Obviously, the food is most important and it was decided to give this section a lot of detail with photos. To compliment this, Menus were developed so viewers can download these and print them out, allowing them to discuss with family, friends or work colleges, which menu to choose. A feature not seen on any other catering sites around Perth at the time.

Information was also very important to help viewers choose Randall's Roasts. A Testimonials page and a Frequently Asked Questions page are included to give as much information as possible.

Pages n Pages also arranged the Domain Name registration and Hosting for Randall's Roasts.

See their live website here
FEATURES: 11 Pages, 2 Seperate Page Menu's, Sourced Photos, Artwork, Callback Form, Contact Form, Ticker-tape Widget and all Menus can be downloaded in PDF format.
Jurien Concrete Services
  • Website designed for Jurien Concrete Services

Pages n Pages was asked to build another website by one of our previous clients, for their newly aquired business, Jurien Concrete Services .

All communications while building their website was through e-mails and telephone conversations.

A main feature of this website, to grab the viewers attention, is the Fancy Header on the home page. Together, with sliding pictures and words appearing from all directions, the message is hard to miss.

Six pages were enough to accomplish what they needed and to get their massage out to attract new customers. However, Jurien Bay, just north of Perth, has a small population, so they needed to attract customers from surrounding areas and other townships. One way to do this was to state in large headings the names of the areas serviced and Search Engine Optimisation.

Three pages were used to show the services they supply, "Concrete Supply and Lay", "Equipment Hire" and "Material Supplies". Because not a great amount of text was needed, Photos that enlarge when clicked on were used to enhance information.

This website is a Responsive Design website so it can be viewed on any size screen, like Mobile Phones and Palm Tops.

Pages n Pages also arranged the Domain Name registration and Hosting for Jurien Concrete Services.

See their live website here
FEATURES: 6 Pages, Responsive Design, Fancy Header, Artwork, Enlarging Photos, Logo, Google Map, Contact Form.
Northfields WA
  • Website designed for Northfields WA

Northfields WA is a multi disaplinry company servicing the minning, civil and private sectors.

This is the second website we have built for Northfields. The technology of the internet (and websites) has change over the years, and they realised they needed their wbebsite to keep up.

This new wbesite contained most of their content from the previous site, but has a modern look with many new features. The site is now Responsive, so will function on any size screen.

As their company has grown, so have their machinery and hire equipment, so they needed to display these with new pages with photos of their equipment. A Dropdown Menu was added to link these new pages.

Later, they will have a Movie, and this will be inserted into one of their pages.

See their live website here
FEATURES: 22 Pages, Artwork, Home Page Slider, Photo Gallery, Enlaging Photos, Two Location Maps, PDF Downloads and Contact Form.
Dream To Reality Construction
  • Website designed for Dream to Reality Construction

Stylish and Unique, describes Dream to Reality Constructions homes.

And that was the brief Pages n Pages was given, when designing the Dream To Reality website.

This website needed to match the product, and the design, layout and graphics of this site does just that, right down to the Fonts used.

Colour was kept to a minimum to enhance the photos of their homes, and extensive use of HD Photo Galleries were used to show them off. House photos were taken by a professional photographer.

Fading photos on the Home Page are used to get the attention of the viewer and three Splash Boxes are used to explain what this company does as soon as they arrive at the website.

Andy's company has grown lately and so has his services. Two more pages have been added and the main menu has been modified to a DROP DOWN styte to accomodated the extra pages.

See their live website here
FEATURES: 12 Pages, High Quality Photo Galleries, Contact Form, Artwork, Dropdown Menu.
Smartek Minesite Auto Electrics
  • Website designed for Smartek Minesite Auto Electrics

Smartek needed a web site to target a particular clientele. Mining and Construction.

They also wanted a web site to be a little different than the other sites that were in the same field as they were.

After consaltation and many e-mails back and forth, a design was chosen for it's bright colours, and 3D look, yet still retain a professional look and feel.

Smartek's three core services were displayed on the Home Page, for quick information about what services they offer, as well as License and Accreditation logos, which are important for this trade.

Other additions are Product News and Resent Project boxes, an Employment Form and a Secure Area for Smartek employees, for their technical data.

On the Services page, all Smartek services are in a list format with a description, to convey information to the viewer quickly and precisely.

See their live website here
FEATURES: Two Flash Animations - Two Contact Forms - Fixed Width - 3D Layout - Custom Artwork - Password Secure Area - Information Boxes - Rollover Menu.
Civil Hirings
  • Website designed for Civil Hirings

Civil Hirings are a earthmoving equipment, hire company, and wanted to target construction companies AND the private sector. They already had a Domain Name and a Hosting account set up.

Only four pages were used to get their message across; That they're a family business - To display their hire equipment - The services they provide - and their contact information and location.

One page was use to display all of their hire equipment, rather than switching to different pages for certain equipment. The Header on the home page rotates photos of equipment, and thumb nail photos along the bottom are used to display equipment in action.

Services Offered, Resent Projects and Areas of Operation, using a map, are all displayed on the Services Page, to utilise space economically.

An interactive Google map on the Contact Page is used to help with location of their premises, and the ability to download documents like a Credit Application and Contractor Details, also help with this compact web site.

Even though this site has only four pages, it shows not all businusses need a large website.

See their live website here
FEATURES: Four Pages - Rotating Photo Header - Custom Artwork - Animated Links - Interactive Google Map - Downloadable Documents.
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